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Generate more online sales for your business with eCommerce SEO

Our custom eCommerce SEO services allow you to increase your products and services orders. We help optimize your eCommerce site for SEO so that your site appears at the top of search results. This allows more traffic to funnel in, allowing you to generate more revenue for your company.

Keyword Research

Our specialists conduct a lot of research to develop keywords that can help you obtain a large number of leads. This includes using the latest tools and our extensive knowledge to tailor these keywords to your service and product pages. We also analyze your competition and your target audience to ensure that this strategy yields the most effective results for you. We are an eCommerce SEO agency that uses only the most relevant and localized keywords, and rest assured that we only use white hat SEO techniques.

Product Optimization

Product pages are the most crucial pages of your website when it comes to eCommerce. This is because these are the pages where you will want traffic from search engines funnelled and where you will obtain the most revenue. We optimize all aspects of product pages as part of our eCommerce SEO services, like fixing the technical aspects and implementing high-quality strategies. This includes adding imagery with various colors and perspectives, alt-tags, and long-tail keywords.

eCommerce Content

As the best eCommerce SEO company, we look at every way we can to increase purchases for your product. As a result, we employ experienced writers that can help create original and informative content for your website. This content comes in various forms, including blogs and guest posts that we can publish on monthly basis. In addition, we create product pages description that provide value to visitors and guide them by answering their questions.

Technical SEO

We may be an eCommerce SEO marketing agency, but we understand how vital the technical SEO aspects of websites are. They are responsible for the usability of your website, which can affect your ranking and user experience. Our specialists are experienced and can fix any technical errors, improve site speed and optimize for mobile devices. This ensures that your eCommerce site is responsive and that visitors will have a good experience with them, keeping the bounce rate low.

Website Structure

The navigation of your website is vital as it allows visitors to locate your products and make purchases conveniently. Our specialists can make it easier for customers to navigate your website regardless of how many products and services you are selling. This includes categorizing your products into sections with easily clickable links allowing users to locate their preferences conveniently. We even use the latest testing tools to ensure that the structure is as ideal as possible.

eCommerce Marketing

Our specialists have experience with a range of eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, and Magento. We understand the unique features that each of these platforms provides and develop a eCommerrce marketing strategy for yours. We help you solidify your brand on the platform and to grow your leads with eCommerce PPC marketing campaigns and by utilizing the best tools and data. In this way, you will be able to get the most revenue regardless of the platform.

Why is eCommerce SEO essential for obtaining sales?

eCommerce platforms provide the best interface for you to display your products and services to any visitors. In addition, they contain all features necessary for you to obtain sales. With eCommerce SEO, we can optimize all the features of your product pages, ensuring that you are making the most out of the tools and features available to you. In addition, we provide various services that allow your product pages to appear at the top of search results, allowing you to obtain more leads and hence, sales.

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