Case Study

Bloombox Club

Client Intro:

Bloombox Club is an online store selling unique indoor plant subscriptions or choose from a range of rare houseplants, trailing plants, succulents, pots and hanging baskets. The company started from humble beginnings at plant fairs and pop-ups under railway arches.


For the first 2 years, the company relied solely on in-person and expo sales. In 2018, the CEO decided to make the leap and focus on building an online presence. The problem was they didn’t have the marketing talent or know-how to even know how to start. They also faced other indirect challenges such as (1) high COGS, (2) long shipping times, and (3) high CPC in the plant industry – so PPC wasn’t the optimal solution.


After recommending SEO as the go-to solution, we conducted quarterly audits to ensure the strategies were working properly. The focus was on e-commerce-focused KWs, understanding that informational KWs like “indoor plants” were too competitive and not profitable. We also managed all content creation for the project, in order to build the site as an authoritative “voice” in the plant space. All content was 100% unique, well-researched, and SEO-optimized. The last piece was backlink building. We built backlinks on sites that focused on healthy living, plants, and eco-friendly niches, which allowed Bloombox Club to grow its Domain Authority (DA) to over 40.


When COVID came around in March 2020, the site was in a prime position to take advantage of the growth in online plant sales. By the end of the project period, the site had grown its organic sessions by +2,000%, and the total # of KWs within positions #1-100 increased by +1,100%. The project ended in September 2020 due to a change in ownership.

Organic Sessions:

Keyword Rankings: