Case Study

LittleWest PPC

Client Intro:

Littlewest is a company owned by celebrity Andrew Walker and spouse Cassandra Troy-Walker. The company was founded in 2013 (as Clover Juice) and rebranded as Little West in 2017. The company first started gaining some organic traction in 2019. By 2021, the company grew to 170-250 visitors but still, most of the company’s sales came through word-of-mouth and distributors.


Since the rebranding in 2017, the leadership team has focused on word-of-mouth and distributor sales. They really fell behind on organic search traffic and never had the expertise to focus on PPC. This lack of organic presence severely impacted the company’s ability to grow online.


Executed a strong SEO phasing plan for long-term growth, but in the short-term, kickstarted their PPC campaigns. (1) reviewed their entire ad campaign structure and stripped out all the ad sets that led to negative, zero, or low ROI, (2) uncovered KWs that they weren’t even targeting, (3) moved their ad sets to focus on shopping campaigns, (4) expanded their ad strategy to FB, and (5) improved landing page conversions from sub 1% to 2-3% consistently through CRO activities.


By September 2021 (after 9 months of testing) the site had grown its PPC sales to over $25,000 per month. By April 2022 (after 16 months of testing) the site hit a record $67,000 in monthly sales, at a 4:1 LTV-to-CAC ratio. The project is ongoing.

PPC Ad Results