Technical SEO

Optimize Your Site For Improved User Experience and Performance With Our Technical SEO Service

GSV Studio is a Technical SEO company that gets results. We enhance your website’s SEO enabling you to obtain significantly more leads. This also allows you to follow Google guidelines, meaning you can get higher rankings on SERP.

Technical SEO Audit

Our team is experienced in dealing with technical aspects of websites and optimizing them according to search engine guidelines. We can perform a technical audit of your website to reveal any mistakes in the back-end. In addition, we can provide you insights into the features of your site and provide you with a plan to rectify issues and improve performance. This can allow you to improve your rankings on search engine results.

Penalty Removal

Your website can be penalized due to black hat SEO tactics, illegal strategies, and algorithm changes. Our technical SEO specialists are experienced in diagnosing the reason for your penalties and reversing them. We do this by analyzing your strategy, looking at your website’s technical features, and utilizing Google Search Console to get to the bottom of it. In this way, you will be able to restore your website’s reputation and position on search engine result pages.

Website Migration

When your business is growing, you may want to migrate your aging website to a better platform. However, this migration can be complicated and hit your rankings. As we are experienced with all aspects of SEO, we can make sure the migration goes smoothly by mapping URLs from old to new ones, removing repeated content, and tracking rankings. During this time, we ensure that your SEO rankings are high as possible, as this is our biggest priority.

Speed Optimization

Speed is a crucial factor that can dictate a website’s performance, affecting user performance and your ranking according to Google algorithms. Our specialists go through your website and optimize the code in various ways. This includes utilizing file compression, removing unnecessary code, and using browser caching to improve your website’s speed. This ensures that your website will be as responsive as ever, and your bounce rate will be at a minimum.

Structured Data Markup

Search engines use crawlers that skim through your website and interpret the content so they can index it. In this way, they will be able to rank your site. You can make this crawling process much easier by using schema markup to define the content. In addition, we can structure other content by assigning data tags and highlighting page elements. We can also use Google’s testing tools to assess the markup and locate any issues.

Competitor Analysis

Our technical SEO specialists can go through your competitor’s website and obtain a complete evaluation. This includes looking at their rankings, backlink, and technical profile and assessing their keyword performance. In this way, you will be able to implement tactics that directly help you get an edge over your competition. We go through all sorts of your competitors to ensure that you always have a distinct advantage.

Why is Technical SEO so important?

The technical aspects of your website are crucial as they dictate performance and user experience. Visitors to your website will want a smooth experience or leave for a better website. This will increase your bounce rate, a factor that Google looks at when ranking your site. Other factors that Google looks at are the technical aspects, which is what our technical SEO covers. This ensures you can rank high on search engine results and obtain digital success.

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